The Rusty Dragon

The Rusty Dragon is the oldest inn in Sandpoint and, thanks to its owner and its ever-present "Help Wanted" board, one of the most popular and adventurer friendly as well. Owned and operated by Ameiko Kaijitsu, the inn can be found just past the southern bridge overlooking the Turandarok River, at the corner of Market and River Streets. Known for its spicy and exotic foods, it is a favorite at the community's annual Swallowtail Festival free lunch.


This large wooden building is the first structure one encounters after crossing the southern bridge entrance into Sandpoint, marked by a sizable iron dragon that looms over travelers from the building's roof; time and weather have taken a toll on the sculpture's iron form, which undoubtedly is the source of the tavern's name.


Some of the finest food and drink in all of Sandpoint can be found at The Rusty Dragon. In addition, rooms may be rented at full price, or at a discount for anyone with an exciting adventure story. The "Help Wanted" board by the bar provides a well known way-point for many townsfolk and travelers to hire mercenaries, adventurers, guards, handymen, and others possessing such interests.

Notable Individuals

 Ameiko Kaijitsu


A former adventurer and the shunned daughter of Content Not Found: lonjiku-kaijitsu_ and Content Not Found: atsuii-kaijitsu, Ameiko has run and maintained The Rusty Dragon since she returned to Sandpoint in AR" title=“4701 AR”>4701 AR. Well known for her fantastic cooking, exotic beauty, eccentric hairstyles, and skill at music, Ameiko is undoubtedly the primary reason for the Dragon's success.


Bethana Corwin


Bethana is a timid, elderly halfling woman who works at The Rusty Dragon as a maid. She's known to be very close to the inn's owner, Ameiko Kaijitsu.


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The Rusty Dragon

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